April 2004

  • Production and realization of a documentary video of the landscape paintings by Massimo d'Azeglio for the International Conference "The Tree of History" for the Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Turin.


September 2005

  • Restoration and re-editing of a documentary video on the interventions of high environmental impact in the protected areas of the river Po for  "Ente di Gestione del Sistema delle Aree Protette della Fascia Fluviale del Po - Tratto Torinese".


May 2007 

  • Opening Video for the  of the 2007 International Convention - "Twentieth Century Restoration"

for: Novalia Foundation for the Protection of Twentieth Century Architecture​


​May 2015

        ( e-magazine based in Zagreb, Croatia)

Jan 2015

  •  Project "Real" published on the e-magazine “Público”  (Portuguese daily national newspaper published in Lisbon, Portugal.)


July 2018


Ninni Sol Jasch

"The artistic-photographic experience with Di Lotti was magnificent, his professionalism and sensitivity allowed us to work for a week without disturbing the production processes of my workshop. His presence and his advice were also useful to open new ways of communicating and expressive suggestions. Thank you so much for the work we shared"


Arslan Ahmedov

"His portraits are a delicate visual poem describing the shared moments between the photographer and the subject."


Mara Maggiora

"Luca was able [...] to guide me and bring out the best part of me, both on an interpretative and aesthetic level. [...]. The shots obtained have a palpable intensity. We worked together a whole day, but the hours flew and I learned a lot. An experience that I will always remember with pleasure. "


Nadia Bruno

"I chose to pose for Luca after having seen some of his photographs that I found of a unique evocative grace, not the usual glossy images but a respect for the Art that was evident and excited me to the point of wanting to be somehow part of it."


Marita Paralumi

"Luca has given us the opportunity to show how our work takes place, he has been able to immortalize the daily gestures that for us, after years of work, have become automatic and that, stopped by the lens, appear almost magical. His patience, precision, his search for details make him a fantastic and reliable person. "


Elia Comandù

"The result of the work with the Polaroid was exceptional, and it really amazed me [...], it left me really happy. "


Mauro Bruno

"In every image, there are not just the right lights or the most suitable lens, there is the idea that we shared.
In these photographs I found myself for what I am and how I work."


Giovanni Zeno (Lesa il Bronzista)

"La qualità delle immagini realizzate da Luca ci ha soddisfatto molto:
ha messo in evidenza aspetti e particolari importanti del nostro lavoro.
Ci hanno colpito la sua affidabilità e la sua creatività!"

Gianni Zeno Lesa il bronzista.jpg

Esplosioni Controllate (Elettrorock band)

"Abbiamo iniziato il nostro percorso musicale concentrati solo sulla musica, ma poi avevamo bisogno di dare un immagine ai nostri suoni e aver incontrato Luca Di Lotti ci ha dato la possibilità di capire che solo la professionalità e l’esperienza di un vero artista, avrebbero potuto valorizzare ogni dettaglio. Luca ha trasformato in immagini e colori la nostra musica ed ha saputo , con i suoi preziosi consigli, creare la nostra immagine ed il nostro mood."

Esplosioni Controllate - IMG_9734-Modifi