"Photographs made by the technique of multiple exposures have a strong resemblance to some drawings made during the 1970’s by my beloved father, Lorenzo Di Lotti, architect, to whose memory is dedicated the entire series.

Those drawings were quite peculiar because he often used the two-point perspective technique plus some auxiliary points that were intended only for some parts of the drawing. His idea was to intentionally create the feeling that “something isn’t right” but in a very subtle way, in order to draw attention toward certain elements (buildings) in the represented urban or architectural scene.

Multiple exposure technique, therefore, was perfect to pay a (visual) homage to his artistic talent."


"I have always been fascinated by the images that allow us to perceive an environment in a dynamic way — a way much more similar to how we memorize the real world — different from that which can be obtained by looking at an image made by a single exposure. "

The multiple exposure technique is created all in-camera, on film (sometimes 120 film, sometimes 35mm film, sometimes Polaroid “type 100” film).

Most of the images are taken in Turin, Piedmont, in the northern region of Italy. A significant part of the series was taken inside the Monumental Cemetery of Turin, a place rich in history and art and some others are taken in Rome and more recently, in a upcoming and dedicated sub-series, in Belgrade, Serbia.